The Bridge Project

Biologists’ new peptide could fight many cancers: Drug that targets a key cancer protein could combat leukemia and other types of cancer. <a href=""target="_blank"><strong>Read more.</strong></a>
Over the river and do some good. The Bridge Project collaboration accelerates new, highly original, and powerful approaches to defeating cancer. <a href=""target="_blank"><strong>Read more.</strong></a>
We're thrilled to announce that the Bridge Project took home the "Big Idea" prize at the 2017 Xconomy Awards! <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Read more.</strong></a></span>
Honey, I Shrunk the Spheroids: To explore the relationship between tumor size and the efficacy of continuous low-dose chemotherapy, Cima Lab researchers grew spherical ovarian cancer cell clusters 100 or 200 microns in diameter and exposed them to different doses of cisplatin. <a href=""target="_blank"><strong>Read more.</strong></a>
<span style="font-size:12px;">Can't Wait for the Seq-Well: With support from the Bridge Project KI engineers have developed an accessible, portable platform for sequencing RNA from many cells simultaneously. <a href=""target="_blank"><strong>Read more.</strong></a></span>
Doubling Down on Immunotherapy: A four-part immunotherapy treatment developed by the KI's Irvine and Wittrup laboratories has seen unprecedented results activating both innate and adaptive immunity to eliminate large, aggressive tumors. <a href=""target="_blank"><strong>Read more.</strong></a>